Our Story


We left our home in Rochester, NY to live a life of travel. We started out September 2018 and hit the road living out of our 2013 KZ Sportsmen 5th Wheel and the little Tundra that could. We spent a few months on the road traveling from state to state ending up down in Texas working out of our RV as gate guards. In the few months we have been on the road we’ve learned how much we loved this full-time RV life and how freeing it is. But it was more then just the freedom of being on the road. It was the experience of seeing new things, tasting new foods, and meeting all kinds of interesting people. Those moments stirred our souls and we knew then that our true passion was world travel. We’ve committed ourselves to continue gate guarding for the next 700 days to save resources to live this dream and this is where we are today. If you’ve ever wished for more in your life and dreamed of seeing the world, then follow us and experience what we are constantly learning all along the way! We will share the good and bad times, the happiness and tears, all the bumps in the road. Come be a part of the TDD Family and let us help you to live your dreams too!

Our Philosophy

Traveling Deficit Disorder


Our Journey

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Get to know us and join us on our journey as we go from living the every day norm to living the life we’ve always dreamed of—our new normal.